RABIT package

RABIT is a general package for feature selection, even though we only applied it on regulatory inference in current study.
It can also be applied for high dimensional data when the number of features is much larger than the number of data points.

RABIT is available under the GNU Public License Version 3. It has been tested on Linux and Mac OS X.

Some useful tools

connect_host: connect regulatory sites (such as ChIP-seq peaks or motif sites) to transcription start sites of target genes.

CCAT: analysis tools for regulatory motif processing, such as motif clustering, searching and conservation scoring.
Download section in this Link

Analysis result

We attached our RABIT analysis result of TCGA data here.
However, we highly recommend you to browse our data through website search portal.

Repeat our results

We attached our processed data and code for step 1-3 here.
You can repeat the major results in our paper by a simple run.